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Not only will RCGS Speakers provide a platform for brilliant storytellers within our network, but with a portion of revenue being reinvested into Society programs, we’re also creating the next generation of Canadian and Indigenous geographers, scientists and storytellers.



More people have walked on the moon than visited many of the places Jill Heinerth has explored on Earth. From the most dangerous technical dives deep inside underwater caves to swimming through giant Antarctic icebergs, Jill has been the hands and eyes of climatologists, archaeologists, biologists, and engineers worldwide. She was named the first Explorer-in-Residence of The Royal Canadian Geographical Society and The Wall Street Journal, Oprah Magazine, and the New York Times have lauded her best-selling memoir Into the Planet.

SPEAKING THEMES: Leadership and exploration, risk assessment, organizational culture change, water and climate change, women’s empowerment.



Born in the sun-soaked Turks & Caicos Islands, Mario spent his formative years in Germany before relocating to Toronto, Canada. In 2015, he began training for an epic adventure that would take him across Africa, from Cape Town to Cairo, entirely on foot or via kayak. Deeply dedicated to advancing sustainability, social and environmental justice, and promoting representation of diversity in outdoor spaces, Mario’s eco-expeditions have inspired countless youth to get out, be brave and explore. 

SPEAKING THEMES: Social and environmental justice, leadership, sustainability, diversity and inclusion, overcoming adversity, entrepreneurial spirit.



Renowned global adventurer, leading storm chaser and celebrated television presenter, George’s adventures have taken him all over the globe into places most people are fleeing from. He is the first person to film from deep within the world’s top three most fearsome natural forces – inside a tornado, the eye of a hurricane and an active volcano. George’s work has been seen around the world on the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, BBC and his own TV program, Angry Planet which has been broadcast in over 100 countries.

SPEAKING THEMES: Climate change, natural disasters, environmental justice, leadership.



Former “pack a day” smoker turned world record holder, ultra-long-distance marathon runner and Founder of non-profit Impossible2Possible, Ray Zahab knows first-hand that human beings are capable of remarkable change. Since turning his life around in 2006, Ray has gone on run nearly 20,000 kilometers across the most scorching desserts on earth and across some of the coldest and least hospitable environments. His work has inspired the Apple Watch Ultra and was documented in “Running the Sahara” produced by Matt Damon and directed by Academy Award winner, James Moll.

SPEAKING THEMES: Motivation, adventure and exploration, resiliency, leadership.



At 22-years of age, Kehkashan Basu, M.S.M., is an iconic global influencer, educator, environmentalist, champion of women and children’s rights, TEDx speaker, Climate Reality Mentor, author and peace and sustainability campaigner. At 12 years old she founded the global social innovation enterprise, Green Hope Foundation at at 16 years old she won the International Children’s Peace Prize. Recognized by Forbes in 2021 as 30 Under 30, Kehkashan is a sought-after global speaker who has spoken at over 500 forums across 25 countries.

SPEAKING THEMES: Social and environmental justice, leadership, climate change, children’s and women’s rights, sustainability.



Named “Canada’s Indiana Jones” by the Toronto Star and “one of Canada’s greatest modern explorers” by the CBC, Adam is a professional adventurer and the author of four national best-selling and award-winning books. His career has included mapping rivers, archaeological digs, tracking endangered species and completing a nearly 4,000-kilometer solo journey across Canada’s Arctic. His work has been celebrated by the BBC, CNN, CBC, The Washington Post and The Guardian. He has been invited by Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, to speak about his adventures and what he calls the value of wild places and unplugging.

SPEAKING THEMES: Perseverance, adventure and exploration, conservation, leadership and overcoming adversity.



JR had no shortage of challenges to overcome in his life. Growing up in low income housing in Edmonton, JR’s mother faced addiction and abuse as a residential school survivor, and his father, was deported back to Nigeria before he was born. Despite the odds, JR went on to become a Grey Cup champion and ambassador for Aboriginal peoples. Today, the proud member of One Arrow First Nation and accomplished speaker, helps others meet the challenges of change and systematic oppression head on. 

SPEAKING THEMES: Diversity and inclusion, leadership, resilience, change and mindset determination, motivation, love and unity.



The world’s first neurologist in space, Dr. Roberta Bondar takes her audiences on a thought-provoking journey using her passion, intelligence, creativity, and humour. A cross-disciplinary creative visionary with ground-breaking insights on the environment, innovation, discovery and leadership, Dr. Roberta Bondar is one of North America’s most sought-after and respected presenters. 

SPEAKING THEMES: Women’s empowerment, environmentalism, inspiration/motivation, education, outer space, fine art, exploration



Renowned travel journalist, TV host and bestselling author, Robin Esrock has dived with giant crocs and great white sharks; sand-boarded an active volcano; visited war zones; leaped the world’s highest bungee jump; biked jungle death roads; swum with piranha, and been set on fire. With hard-won insights from a lifetime of adventure, Robin demonstrates that staying safe on the road follows the same principles as managing risk with our careers, projects, investments, and life in general.

SPEAKING THEMES: Personal growth, risk assessment, inspiration/motivation, breaking boundaries, resiliency, adventure, leadership.



An airline captain, global adventurer, and acclaimed keynote speaker, Laval shares emotionally compelling stories that transcend the clouds and explore the endless horizons of the world’s oceans. Fuelled by a fervor for the uncharted and remote corners of the globe, Laval has mastered the art of turning dreams into tangible goals, and goals into awe-inspiring realities. His achievements span far and wide, being the first to climb and ski Iraq’s highest peak and conquering the tallest mountains on each of the Earth’s seven continents, along with scaling the highest peaks in over 28 countries.

SPEAKING THEMES: Adventure, inspiration/motivation, leadership, mindset, risk assessment 



Known as the beloved auntie “Edna” on the hit CTV/CW series, Sullivan’s Crossing, Andrea is a five-time award-winning actress, a 16-time music award winner, and was recently named “Métis Artist of the Year” at the SS Indigenous Music Awards. She recently debuted her new theatre cabaret, Rubaboo, across Canada, and released a new “giveaway” album to help preserve the Michif language. 

SPEAKING THEMES: women’s empowerment, decolonizing the sacred feminine, inspiration/motivation, Indigenous identity



At just 28 years old, Ryan Tidman is one of Canada’s most awarded conservation photographers. Armed with his knowledge and a camera, Ryan eagerly seizes every opportunity to document Canada’s most iconic animals and awe-inspiring landscapes.  In every frame he captures and every film he creates, Ryan weaves together the artistry of photography with the power of storytelling, inspiring audiences worldwide to appreciate, preserve, and protect our planet’s precious ecosystems. 

SPEAKING THEMES: climate change, conservation, exploration, inspiration/motivation, mindset, perseverance 



When a Canadian volcano appeared to awaken, Christian led the groundbreaking expedition to take the first measurements from within. The Science Lead from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory shared that thanks to Christian’s willingness to “dare mighty things” the Earth science community has a new and exciting set of research directions to pursue that will continue to pay development dividends for years to come. Unique amongst explorers, Stenner has combined his experience in high risk, high consequence environments with an extensive background in risk and crisis management. He has delivered hundreds of awe-inspiring presentations to corporations, non-profits, associations and educational institutions. 

SPEAKING THEMES: adventure, adversity, collaboration, crisis management, emergency management, exploration, health and safety, inspiration/motivation.



Educational, entertaining, and inspiring, Mike’s presentations engage and motivate audiences, empowering them to achieve their own excellence. Called ‘The Man on a Mission’ by the Chicago Tribune, Mike Shoreman knows what it means to fall off the horse or paddleboard and climb back up again. Diagnosed with a neurological disorder in 2018, this professional athlete and adventurer lost his mobility, parts of his hearing and vision, resulting in a mental health breakdown. After turning his pain into purpose and undergoing strenuous rehab, Mike made history in 2022 by becoming the first person to paddleboard across each of the 5 Great Lakes, raising critical awareness and funding for mental health. Deeply dedicated to advancing the conversation in mental wellness and disability education, Mike’s Great Lakes campaign has inspired thousands, being recognized by the Ontario Legislative Assembly, the House of Commons and the Prime Minister.

SPEAKING THEMES: innovation/motivation,  LGBTQ2IA rights, mental health, resiliency, teamwork, diversity and inclusion

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