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Mario Rigby

Explorer, Entrepreneur, Royal Canadian Geographical Society, Speaker, RCGS

Mario Rigby was born in the sun-soaked Turks & Caicos Islands and spent his formative years in Germany, before relocating to Toronto, Canada at the age of 16. His passion for pushing boundaries has been evident since childhood, whether it be in athletics, exploration, or any other endeavour he sets his sights on.

As an internationally renowned explorer and motivational speaker, the first black explorer to be appointed by the Royal Canadian Geographical Society as an Explorer-in-Residence and named by the United Nations as one of the Top 100 Most Influential People of African Descent, Mario’s mission is to inspire, educate and encourage people to be brave and explore the world.

His entrepreneurial spirit and athletic prowess led him to open a business in the fitness industry, but he yearned for a more ambitious pursuit – a desire for exploration and connection with the world around him. In 2018, Mario completed a two-year odyssey across Africa, walking and kayaking from Cape Town, South Africa to Cairo, Egypt. Along the way, he connected with communities who’s stories he shares with the world aiming to bridge the gap between humanity.

When speaking, it’s not just about sharing stories, it’s about igniting a spark within people, empowering them to break free from their comfort zones, and encouraging them to redefine what travel and exploration mean.

Mario’s talks are a fusion of compelling storytelling, scientific insights, and a dash of humour, resonating with diverse audiences.

Mario Rigby

Keynote Presentations

Walking Across Africa: A Journey of Self-Discovery and Connection

Exploring the personal transformation experienced during my walk across Africa, and how connecting with diverse cultures redefined my understanding of self and humanity.

Passages of Growth: Guiding the Next Generation through Rites of Passage

Delving into the concept of rites of passage around the world, their importance in shaping youth, and my vision for a global journey of awakening. Transforming into a new cultural revolution.

From Idealist to Realist: A Roadmap to Mature Leadership

Drawing from my own evolution from naive to wise, this topic provides actionable insights for emerging leaders on balancing idealism with realism to effect meaningful change.

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