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First all-women team makes successful summit of Mount Lucania
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The Royal Canadian Geographical Society supports an Expeditions Program to encourage and support geographic expeditions taking place largely within Canada, by Canadians. Extending our current knowledge of Canada’s geography through exploration and scientific expeditions, the Society has a long history of funding both major and modest expeditions across the country.

Expedition of the Year 2020 The Thelon Esker Hike Northwest Territories
Major Grant Into the Newfoundland Wilderness

Justin Barbour will follow a 270 kilometre circuit of lakes and rivers within the Bay du Nord Wilderness Reserve beginning near Medonnegonnix Lake. Barbour will follow a historic route that was followed by explorer/geologist/surveyor James Patrick Howley and his team of Mi’kmaq guides as they mapped Newfoundland’s interior in 1887. He will also visit the seldom seen Mt. Sylvester and will attempt to document Newfoundland’s Middle Ridge Caribou along the way.

To complete his journey, Barbour will paddle down to the ocean via the Bay du Nord River (a Canadian Heritage River), and capture photos of the 100 foot waterfall, named “Smokey Falls.”

Bay du Nord Wilderness Reserve
Major Grant - Postponed until 2021 PikiPikialasorsuaq (The Great Upwelling) & Ellesmere Island 2020 Ellesmere Island
Explorer-in-Residence Jill Heinerth
Explorer-in-Residence Mylène Paquette
George Kourounis stands in front of lava
Explorer-in-Residence George Kourounis
Women's Expedition Mt. Lucania Mt. Lucania
A man buckles his backpack across his chest in the desert
Explorer-in-Residence Ray Zahab
Seed Grant - Postponed until 2021 The Great Island Expedition

In one of the worst disasters in U.S. naval history, the Truxton and Pollux vessels ran aground and sank off the coast of Newfoundland during WWII. Explorer-in-Residence Jill Heinerth, along with a team of RCGS Fellows, will explore and document the sunken U.S. Navy vessels off the Burin Peninsula of Newfoundland. This expedition will document these wrecks and share the stories of survivors, one of whom became an icon in civil rights and underwater exploration.

RCGS Explorer-in-Residence Jill Heinerth, along with a team of RCGS Fellows, will explore and document the sunken U.S. Navy vessels, Truxton and Pollux, off the Burin Peninsula of Newfoundland.

Burin Peninsula, Newfoundland
A man holds a flag in a arctic field
Westaway Explorer-in-Residence Adam Shoalts
Flag Expedition - Postponed until 2021 Mount Logan Ice Expedition Mount Logan, Yukon