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Andrea Menard

Métis Singer-Songwriter-Actress-Speaker

A proud Métis woman from Treaty 1 territory and the “Homeland of the Métis,” Andrea Menard is an accomplished Métis singer, songwriter, actress, and speaker. She is the founder of the Sacred Feminine Learning Lodge and is the author of the Seeds from the Sacred Feminine Wisdom Cards.

Known as the beloved auntie “Edna” on the new hit CTV/CW series, Sullivan’s Crossing, Andrea is a five-time award-winning actress, a 16-time music award winner, and was recently named “Métis Artist of the Year” at the SS Indigenous Music Awards. She recently debuted her new theatre cabaret, Rubaboo, across Canada, and released a new “giveaway” album to help preserve the Michif language. Andrea’s TEDx talk called “Silent No More” has reached almost 200,000 views.

Whether addressing the corporate, non-profit, education sectors, businesswomen, a high security room full of NATO Generals, or a stadium of youth, Andrea’s uplifting musical keynotes land exactly where they need to – in the heart.

Keynote Presentations

Andrea Menard is a proud Royal Canadian Geographical Society Speaker

Talk About Speakers represents Andrea Menard as a Royal Canadian Geographical Society Speaker. When booking Andrea through Talk About Speakers or RCGS Speakers, a portion of the revenue generated from Andrea’s speaking engagement is reinvested into RCGS programs to help develop the next generation of Indigenous and Canadian geographers, scientists and storytellers.

Decolonizing Wellness Through Sacred Feminine Wisdom

This keynote is perfect for:
•Professionals and business owners searching to find meaning in their careers and their everyday lives.
•Multi-racial teams looking to amplify Indigenous wellness practises and develop lasting, land-based skills for self-care.
•Multi-gendered teams and individuals struggling to end the cycle of burnout, exhaustion, and stress.

The Decolonizing Wellness through Sacred Feminine Wisdom is a 40-60-minute keynote that helps teams unravel the training that upholds oppressive systems and self-care practises, and brings individuals into right relationship with themselves, others, and the land itself.

Most human beings have been taught, through learned and inherited trauma, to over-consume, ignore their feelings, and practise domination. Being dominant over the land seems normal. Being valued for one’s proximity to whiteness seems normal. Viewing feminine traits as weaker than masculine traits seems normal. These beliefs are false premises that make up the foundation of colonized thinking, which teaches individuals to overvalue their masculine qualities and reject their more gentle, emotional, and connective nature.

By decolonizing wellness and embodying the gifts hidden within the realm of the Sacred Feminine, individuals will:
•Enhance their well-being,
•Unravel the cycle of domination, and
•Learn to walk gentler on this planet


“Andrea was the perfect medicine for the evening. …[she] navigated the emotions of the room to bring people from a state of deep reflection to a state of deep celebration. Andrea is a “must” speaker at events!” – Kim van der Woerd, PhD, Principal – Reciprocal Consulting

“She reaches across racial and gender boundaries with a message of expansive, forgiving inclusion.” – Bart Begalka, M.A., M.Ed. Ed. D, Graduate Program in Counselling Psychology, Trinity Western University

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