Can Geo Talks

Photo: Ben Powless/Can Geo

To protect the safety of our staff, speakers and guests we’ve moved our Can Geo Talks series to a virtual platform. All virtual events can be watched in real-time on Canadian Geographic‘s YouTube or Facebook pages. 

As virtual events, our Can Geo Talks are free for all to watch, but donations are greatly appreciated. Please consider supporting the Society through a monthly gift, one-time donation or by donating what you would have spent on a ticket. 

Next Talk: May 6

It’s not about how we can save the trees, but about how trees could actually save us.

Tune in on May 6 at 8:30 p.m. EST for a conversation with Dr. Suzanne Simard, a professor of Forest Ecology at UBC and world-leading expert and pioneer on tree connectivity and communication.

Her newest book (coming out May 4) Finding the Mother Tree, takes readers on an intimate journey of groundbreaking scientific discovery with humour, emotion, and the narrative drive of a lifelong storyteller. Linking her research to her personal experiences, she recounts her life’s work uncovering the “Wood Wide Web,” the underground mycelium network that connects all the trees and plants within a forest — a network that allows them to share not only nutrients, but information, all of which originates from the hubs called Mother Trees.

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