Canadian Geographic Education

Photo: Tanya Kirnishni

Can Geo Education aims to strengthen geographic education in the classroom.

Geography is the runway to 21st-century careers in fields such as geology, resource industries, artificial intelligence, research, and exploration. The key to it all? Geographic and geospatial literacies. In conjunction with teachers across the country, Canadian Geographic Education, creates a range of resources that build and strengthen the critical-thinking skills that underpin geographic awareness, helping today’s students, and tomorrow’s citizens, make sense of our ever-changing world and our place in it.

Inspiring the desire to learn, and facilitating the transfer of knowledge through formal and informal education, Canadian Geographic Education (the country’s largest educational non-profit) creates its acclaimed bilingual grade-school curriculum and student programs for its network of 25,000-plus K-12 teachers, as well as parents and students.

Can Geo Education communicates with learners in every province and territory, providing easy access to resources that are topical, authoritative, and consonant with curricular needs, ensuring that students receive essential lessons about their country, their communities and the very ground on which they stand.