Mylène Paquette

Mylène Paquette has crossed the Atlantic Ocean twice in a rowboat, first in 2010 with a team of six and again in 2013 for a record-setting 129-day solo crossing that made her the first North American to ever complete the journey alone.

Her French-language book, Dépasser l’horizon, invites readers along on her journey. For her accomplishment, Paquette was awarded the Medal of Honour by the National Assembly of Quebec, as well as the Meritorious Service Cross by the Governor General — an award given to citizens who have accomplished exceptional deeds that bring honour to Canada.

Paquette began sailing and rowing in the mid-2000s and immersed herself in navigation, sailing and marine survival courses to learn the skills she would need to feed her hunger for adventure.

Also an avid ice-canoe racer, Paquette aims to bring awareness to the health of the integral waterways of Canada that she explores, whether it be the churning waves of the Atlantic, the ice-crusted currents of the St. Lawrence or the freezing floes of the Arctic Ocean, where she is planning an expedition through the Northwest Passage.

Paquette was named an RCGS Explorer-in-Residence in May 2018.

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