Lawrence J. Burpee Medal

Awarded to recognize an outstanding contribution or other achievement that greatly enhances the ability of the Society to fulfill its mission of making Canada better known on a national or international level, and/or contributes to the general advancement of geography.

2019 Recipient: Anne Innis Dagg

Anne Innis Dagg, biologist, zoologist, feminist, author and publisher, is acknowledged internationally as the founder of giraffe science. As a pioneering citizen scientist in the 1950’s, Dr. Innis Dagg conducted research on African giraffes in the wild. Her ground-breaking field work and subsequent academic study have led to her being credited with the establishment of the fields of giraffology and behavioural biology.

The Royal Canadian Geographical Society’s recognizes Anne Innis Dagg for her research, writing and publishing that engendered worldwide awareness and understanding of giraffes as well as her body of work on Canadian wildlife.