The Network of Nature

We can’t rewind — but we can rewild.

Working together, we can turn our own backyards and urban green spaces back into the healthy, native habitats wildlife needs to thrive.

Native plants play a critical role in the health of Canadian ecosystems and the wildlife they support. The Network of Nature is dedicated to restoring and fortifying Canada’s unique biodiversity against the stresses of development and climate change by inspiring Canadians to plant a network of native habitat.

Globally, wildlife populations have declined almost 70 per cent in the last 50 years. Habitat loss, degradation and fragmentation are the primary causes of decline for 82 per cent of species at risk in Canada. With your help, we can reverse this trend.

One seed at a time

Our mission is to harness Indigenous and Western scientific knowledge so we can enhance Canadian greenspaces and naturalize developed areas by motivating, educating, and inspiring individuals and organizations to plant appropriate native species. We are looking for Canadian citizens at all levels to champion these initiatives and to be active ambassadors for the program in their community.

Discover native plants in your region of Canada

Anyone can contribute to the Network of Nature. Together with our partners, we’ve developed a comprehensive database of plants and a map of native plant nurseries to help you choose, find, and care for native species that will thrive in your local climate and geography. Whether you’re a hobby gardener hoping to make your yard more attractive to pollinators, a professional landscaper or an advocate for enhanced greenspace in your community, the Network of Nature database has a plant for you. 

Get inspired

Check out these stories from Canadian Geographic that showcase what individuals and municipalities across Canada are doing to protect and restore biodiversity and build stronger, more resilient ecosystems. 

For educators

Check out these free classroom resources on sustainability and biodiversity conservation developed by Canadian Geographic Education.

We need your support to build the
Network of Nature

The Royal Canadian Geographical Society is raising funds to support this program.

Help us meet our funding goal and play a foundational role in the establishment of this important biodiversity movement. We’re looking for environmentally conscious companies, governments, developers, and managers of public and private lands to help us grow the Network of Nature.

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