Sir Christopher Ondaatje Medal for Exploration

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The Sir Christopher Ondaatje Medal recognizes outstanding Canadian explorers for extraordinary achievement through expedition(s) in Canada or abroad, or a citizen of another country for extraordinary exploratory achievement and expedition(s) within Canada.

Achievements in the realm of geographical exploration and/or discovery, which have fostered a greater appreciation for and understanding of the Canadian land mass, people and/or environment, can be considered. A Canadian whose exploratory achievements transcend Canadian borders, but which make a similar contribution, is also eligible.

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How to Nominate

Anyone can submit a nomination, except members of the RCGS Expeditions Committee, and employees of RCGS and Canadian Geographic. In considering suitable nominees, you are encouraged to be inclusive, in respect to gender and the diversity of Canadians.

Nomination deadline: September 5, 2021 by midnight EST. 

You may submit one or more nominations for the medal using the form below.

2020 Recipient: David Jones

Few have such intimate knowledge of Canada’s mountains as David Jones. A mountaineer, explorer, climber, photographer, writer, mentor and advocate, Jones has followed a passion for mountains not just for his own knowledge, but to share his insights with Canadians and the world. He has scaled more than 1,000 peaks and has over 100 first ascents under his belt. Jones has authored five guidebooks, with routes extensively researched and photographed, from the iconic Rockies to the Selkirks in B.C.’s Columbia Mountains.

More recently, Jones’ photographs have been recognized by the Mountain Legacy Project, and are an important part of their work in documenting changing mountain environments.

The Royal Canadian Geographical Society is proud to award the Sir Christopher Ondaatje Medal for Exploration to David Jones for his prowess in exploration of, and education about, Canada’s mountain ranges.

Ondaatje Medal Nomination

Only nominations submitted by the nomination deadline (September 5th, 2021. by midnight EST) will be considered for the 2021 Ondaatje Medal. Nominations submitted after the deadline will be considered in the following year. Submissions must be filled out in their entirety and cannot be accessed again.

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