Camsell Medal

This RCGS award, named in honour of the Society’s founder, Charles Camsell, was established by the Society’s Board of Governors in 1992.

The purpose of the Camsell Medal is to bestow recognition upon, and to express the Society’s appreciation to, individuals who have given outstanding service to the Society. The presentation of the award(s) is normally made by the President at the Society’s College of Fellows Annual Dinner.

Only RCGS Fellows may nominate individuals for the Camsell Medal.

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How to nominate

Only RCGS Fellows may nominate individuals for the Camsell Medal. 

The Awards Committee, as sole judge of nominations, shall consider the nominations submitted each year. Up to two Awards may be granted annually.

You may submit one or more nominations for the medal using the form below. In considering suitable nominees, you are encouraged to be inclusive, in respect to gender and the diversity of Canadians.

The deadline for nominations is June 30 annually.

Nominations will stand for a period of three years.

Camsell Nomination Form

Only nominations submitted by the nomination deadline (June 30) will be considered for the Camsell Medal in the same year. Nominations submitted after the deadline will be considered in the following year. Submissions must be filled out in their entirety and cannot be accessed again.

NOTE: This form does not have an automatic save function. Please ensure that you save your work elsewhere to ensure it is not lost in completing this process.

Nominator Name*
Is the Nominator an RCGS Fellow?*

Brief description of nominator including relationship to nominee

Nominee Name*

The nomination rationale should include a description of the significance of the nominee's contribution to the Society in any capacity, including details of service to the Board of Governors, the various Society committees or special activities/events.

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