RCGS Graduate Research Scholarships

A scholarship for both Master’s and Doctoral students registered in a Canadian university

The RCGS Graduate Research Scholarships, are awarded annually by The Royal Canadian Geographical Society. 


Applicants must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada. Students must be registered in a Canadian university and propose a research topic that addresses some substantive element of the geography of Canada. The Scholarship will normally be awarded to a student (full-time or part-time) whose course work will be completed by the May following the application deadline. A maximum of $13,000 to be allotted, $5,000 for any one individual. 


The deadline for receipt of applications is February 14th, annually. 

Apply for a Graduate Research Grant

Research information

In 200 words or less

The description can be no more than two (2) 8½ x 11 pages, single-spaced. It should provide a clear statement of the following: (1) the focus of the research and how it relates to Canadian geography, (2) conceptual framework, (3) research methodology and data sources, (4) impact or value of the research, (5) planned, ongoing, or completed knowledge mobilization, and (6) planned use of funds (7) location of where the research is being conducted.


Please detail which permits are required, how they will be obtained, etc.


Budget information

Drop files here or

Please upload a comprehensive budget that includes details on travel (flights, rentals, gas etc), accommodations, food, equipment and any other items in your budget (i.e. data purchase or licensing fees). For each line item please identify (a) the estimated cost and (b) if it has already been funded [if so, by whom] or if you are requesting funding from RCGS for it. Note, you may request up to $5,000 from RCGS. If helpful, please find a budget template here: https://tinyurl.com/2s3zz3mu. Please note, we do not fund travel outside of Canada, salaries or honoraria, professional fees and capital equipment (>$5,000).

Applicant information

Applicant name*
I am a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada*

Please list any pertinent digital assets such as your website, LinkedIn or Instagram account.

If applicable


Referee 1: Name*
Referee 2: Name*
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University information


Why has an ethics clearance not been obtained, or why is one not needed?

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Please note, we do not require official transcripts.

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Please upload any relevant files including permits, permissions, etc.

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