Major Grant, David Greene

Boreal to Barren Lands: Traversing Labrador

Photo: Northern Scavenger

The team will traverse 840 kilometres of the Labrador and Quebec interior — from west to east, via five rivers, over the course of 35 days, during the summer of 2019.

The key objective of this expedition is to gain a geographic and environmental perspective of one of Canada’s last remaining wilderness frontiers and become the first modern day team to connect the westernmost and northernmost communities of Labrador.

As part of the expedition, the journey will be documented through film and photography to produce a documentary that will be submitted to film festivals, as well as be promoted through social media platforms, sponsors and public presentations. In doing so, the expedition will highlight and pay homage to the travellers who have paddled and portaged these waterways before such as the Naskapi and Montagnais Innu people who have used these lands for generations as ancestral hunting grounds.

The team will follow in the footsteps of the historical explorers, A.P. Low and William Cabot and modern explorers Herb Pohl, Pat Lewtas, Al Stirt and Jerry Kobolanko who have traveled these lands, known to few, through their exploration.