Medals on wooden table

Past Martin Bergmann Medal winners


Dr. Wayne Pollard

Dr. Wayne Pollard is an accomplished member of the permafrost research community who describes himself, first and foremost, as a field scientist.


Dr. James Drummond

Dr. James Drummond’s contributions in furthering Arctic research include his establishment of PEARL (Polar Environment Atmospheric Research), the globally-recognized Arctic flagship observatory that has contributed to a significant body of research. He is a highly sought-after and active contributor in the national and international scientific community, including his work on multiple high-level committees.

Dr. Derek Muir

Dr. Derek Muir is a leading Canadian environmental scientist and is considered a world leader in his field. For more than 35 years, Dr. Muir has contributed to the understanding of contaminants in the North and the impacts they have on Arctic ecosystems and people.


Martin Fortier

Martin Fortier is the executive director of the Université Laval’s transdisciplinary research program Sentinel North. As the former executive director of ArcticNet, Fortier demonstrated exceptional leadership and forever changed the way Arctic research is done in Canada.


Warwick Vincent

Warwick Vincent is a professor of biology and Canada Research Chair in biology at the Université Laval. where he studies polar aquatic food webs.


Dr. John Smol

Dr. John Smol is a Professor of Biology and the Canada Research Chair in Environmental Change at Queen’s University.


Dr. Donald Forbes

Dr. Donald Forbes has contributed to the Arctic through dozens of studies and mapping projects, and advanced our knowledge of climate change through his own work and by championing interdisciplinary collaborations.


David Hik

David Hik is a professor of biological sciences at the University of Alberta, and has been instrumental in fostering international collaboration on Arctic issues and the development of extensive research networks.


Martin “Marty” Bergmann

Marty Bergmann was a great Canadian “networker”, and the network he built, based on passion for the Arctic, was his greatest career accomplishment. He connected hundreds of people with resources and with each other and in so doing, became a central lynch-pin of Canada’s pursuit of northern goals during two decades.