Medals on wooden table

Past Louie Kamookak Medal winners


George Jacob

George Jacob is an author, museum designer, environmentalist and cultural thought leader.


Josephine Kamookak

Josephine Kamookak is an educator whose appreciation for the value of Inuit traditional knowledge was shared by her partner and ally, celebrated historian Louie Kamookak.

Michael Palin

Michael Palin is a great ambassador for geography, and his book Erebus is a rollicking account, filled with derring-do, at times funny at times harrowing and tragic.

Gregory Copley

Gregory Copley, historian, author, editor, strategic analyst, and president of the International Strategic Studies Association, is a long-standing supporter of and staunch advocate for the Royal Canadian Geographical Society.

Jared Harris

Harris is a celebrated English actor best known for his brilliant work both in film and television. His spell-binding portrayal of Captain Francis Crozier in the AMC series The Terror brought the story of Sir John Franklin’s tragic British Arctic expedition of 1845-48 to a wider audience.

Anne Kari Ovind

Her Excellency, Anne Kari Ovind, was prior to her posting as Norway’s Ambassador to Canada, Director of the Section for the High North, Polar Affairs and Marine Resources in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

Kim Wallace

Kim Wallace is a teacher, author, mentor and leader in geographic education in Canada. As a Fellow of the Society, Kim has worked tirelessly to successfully develop and implement a forward-looking geography curriculum for Ontario.