Medals on wooden table

Past Camsell Medal winners


Alison Gill 

Gill is a former governor and committee member. 

Susan Taylor 

Awarded to Susan Taylor, a designer and producer of many of the Society medals featured here.


Keith Exelby

Awarded to Keith Exelby in recognition of his many contributions to the Society. Exelby served several terms as Treasurer and chaired the Finance Committee, CGE Management Board and Audit Committee. 

Joan and Doug Heyland

Joan and Doug Heyland are exemplary volunteers who have given many years of tireless work on various Society committees. Doug served on the Research & Grants Committee for eight years and the Audit Committee for eight years. Joan, an educational consultant in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut, served on both the Research & Grants Committee and the Fellows Committee. 


Beth Dye and Joe Frey, CD

Beth Dye, teacher, educator, coach, administrator and Fellow, has served the Society in a range of capacities for more than twenty years. Joseph Frey is an explorer, diver, writer, speaker, world traveler, and tireless advocate for the Society and its mission.


Dr. Paul Ruest and Élisabeth Nadeau

Ruest has been an active volunteer and contributor to the Society for 15 years. In 2011, he became vice-president of the Society and in 2014, he assumed the role of president. His focus and determination have resulted in a stronger, more diverse, dynamic and enterprising organization. Élisabeth Nadeau became a Fellow over 20 years ago, and so began two decades of incomparable service to the Society. From her ardent support of Géographica, and through her many contributions to the Board of Governors, Awards Committee, Endowment Fund, Nominating Committee and By-Law Committee, Nadeau strengthened and enhanced the Society.


Jody Decker and Philip Howarth

During a period when the Society was functioning under severe financial constraints, Jody Decker was a passionate and constant advocate for the funding of the research and grants program, emphasizing its importance to university students over the course of their geography studies. As a long-standing member and chair of the Lectures Committee, Howarth delivered a national outreach program that engaged Canadians, served the Society’s educational mission, and raised the profile of the RCGS by establishing innovative new partnerships.


Mark Graham and Peter Harrison & Christine Duverger-Harrison

Mark Graham is vice-president, research and collections, at the Canadian Museum of Nature. Peter Harrison and Christine Duverger-Harrison are long-serving Society volunteers; Harrison is a past vice-president of the RCGS.


Bruce Amos and Louise Maffett Bruce

Amos speaks and thinks passionately about Canada, Canadian Geography and the RCGS and our role in the Canadian fabric to promote Canada to the world. As photographer Bruce was the driving force behind the Can Geo Photo Club (2008). Louise Maffett became the Executive Director of the RCGS in 1995 a position she occupied until December 2010. During that period she was instrumental in the rapid and significant increase in membership, and very importantly in helping to raise the funds to launch Géographica.


Dr. Christopher Burn and Dr. Iain Wallace

Christopher Burn has served the Society for more than 20 years in positions including vice president and the chair of the Nominating, Research and Grants, and Policy and Planning committees. Iain Wallace has served the Society for 31 years in board positions including the Awards, Editorial Advisory, Research and Grants, and Policy and Planning committees.


Sir Christopher Ondaatje

After immigrating to Canada in 1956, Sir Christopher Ondaatje became a member of the Canadian Olympic bobsleigh team in 1964. He then moved on to a successful career in finance and publishing before becoming a writer and global adventurer.


Jean Fournier

A Fellow and Governor of The Royal Canadian Geographical Society (RCGS) for more than 15 years, Jean Fournier has helped in fundraising efforts and was involved in the creation of the Canada Post envelope that marked the Society’s 75th anniversary in 2004.


Gisèle Jacob and Arthur E. Collin

Gisèle Jacob was the first female president of the Society, a position she held from 2004 to 2010. A number of notable developments occurred under her leadership, including the launch of The Canadian Atlas Online and the publication of Canadian Geographic Travel. Arthur E. Collin was president from 1998 to 2004, the year of the Society’s 75th anniversary and several special initiatives, including the joint publication of The Canadian Atlas with Reader’s Digest Canada.


Pierre Bergeron and Helen Kerfoot

A journalist and former book and newspaper publisher, Bergeron offers an invaluable perspective on the publishing industry as a member of the Canadian Geographic Enterprises (CGE) Management Board and the Society’s Finance and Audit committees. An Ottawa-based geographer with an unparalleled expertise in geographical names, Kerfoot has served on the Board of Governors and numerous committees. As a member of the Editorial Advisory Committee, she helped form Canadian Geographic’s policy regarding Canadian place names.