Major Grant, Justin Barbour

Into the Newfoundland Wilderness

Justin Barbour followed a 300 kilometre circuit of lakes and rivers within the Bay Du Nord Wilderness Reserve beginning near Medonnegonnix Lake.

Barbour followed a historic route that was followed by explorer/geologist/surveyor James Patrick Howley and his team of Mi’kmaq guides as they mapped Newfoundland’s interior in 1887. He also visited the seldom seen Mt. Sylvester .

To complete his journey, Barbour paddled down to the ocean via the Bay Du Nord River (a Canadian Heritage River), and captured photos of the 100 foot waterfall, named “Smokey Falls.” Barbour’s main objective was to traverse this challenging route while highlighting the primal beauty within Newfoundland’s rugged interior wilderness. Barbour hopes to inspire others to pack up their bags and experience, appreciate and utilize this route.