We're building a movement

Network of Nature

Canada’s biodiversity – its plants and trees, wildlife and wild spaces — is threatened and diminishing. We need to take action today, to conserve and restore Canada’s biodiversity and contribute to climate change mitigation, including at home on our balconies, in our yards and in our communities. We need to restore Canadian native plants and trees, for Canadian insect life, wildlife and ecological integrity. 

Enter Network of Nature, a unique program created to engage Canadians in a movement to restore native biodiversity and employ nature-based climate solutions. By encouraging Canadians to plant native species, the Network of Nature aims to establish a cross-country network of healthy habitats. 

In consultation with an Indigenous and Western science expert committee, the Network of Nature includes the first comprehensive Canadian collection of knowledge on native plants and trees in Canada. This tool will help individual Canadians, developers, corporate property managers and landscape architects select and source appropriate native plants, seeds and trees locally. The Network of Nature native plant species database is now available at networkofnature.org and will continue to be enhanced over time.

We’re starting a national movement and we want you to be part of it!

By partnering with communities, municipalities, educators, corporations, and citizens to enhance urban greenspaces and naturalize developed areas, we can begin to repair and rebuild Canada’s native landscape.

Rallying Canadians in every province and territory, the Network of Nature will help support the restoration of soil productivity and water resources, preserve biodiversity, strengthen habitats and help mitigate the build-up of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, thereby improving the environment for future generations.