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Network of Nature

For eight precious days in 1992 on a pioneering spaceflight aboard NASA’s Space Shuttle Discovery, I saw the Earth in all its chromatic beauty. As wonderful as images are from space of our planet Earth, seeing it live in three dimensions with my own eyes was life changing for me.

Our planet Earth is teaming with life that we have yet to even discover. Now, more than ever it is crucial that we come together to protect and conserve this life and the environment that sustains it. That’s what I want to achieve in being an Honorary Vice-President of The Royal Canadian Geographical Society (RCGS). I’m sure that’s why you are involved, too.

The RCGS is “growing” a movement all across Canada and we want you to join us. Together we will regrow healthy, biodiverse green spaces across the country And we’ll do this by planting native seeds, plants and trees.

By donating to the Network of Nature you will provide critical funding to the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, who in collaboration with other non-profits such as the Roberta Bondar Foundation (RBF) are developing a ten year plan that will maintain species diversity, conserve habitat and improve the overall long-term health of Canadian ecosystems.

Biodiversity in Canada — and around the world — is threatened. You and I can do something about it.

If you haven’t yet participated but would like to give, we would ask that you make a donation now. Each gift in support of the Network of Nature is greatly appreciated, and even a small donation today will have a lasting, restorative impact on Canada’s green spaces, beginning with the regrowth of our native flora.

Canada needs your help. With a single donation today, or as a monthly donor, you will become a Founding Member of the Network of Nature helping us take a big step towards rehabilitating Canada’s green spaces. We need you to join us, please donate now.

Donations can also be made by cheque addressed to:

The Royal Canadian Geographical Society,
50 Sussex Drive,
Ottawa, Ont. K1M 2K1.

If you would like to learn more about the work of the Society, or need assistance making your gift, please contact Sarah Legault, national director of development, at [email protected].

Biodiversity in Canada — and around the world — is threatened. You and I can do something about it.


Roberta Bondar
RCGS Honorary Vice-President