Le mandat de la Société

Photo: Javier Frutos/Can Geo

Fondée en 1929, la Société géographique royale du Canada rehausse les connaissances sur le Canada pour les Canadiens et le monde entier depuis 90 ans. 

Principalement connue pour sa revue Canadian Geographic, la Société soutient également les expéditions géographiques canadiennes et fournit des subventions et des bourses pour la recherche géographique de pointe.

La vision de la Société est d’aider les Canadiens à bâtir un avenir prospère en favorisant une meilleure compréhension de la géographie du Canada, de ses paysages humains et physiques variés, ainsi que des changements qui touchent ses habitants et l’environnement.

I wish Canadians would see more of their country and get a greater appreciation of the extent of it, the diversity and the wealth that the land has given us historically and that is still the basis of much of the country’s economy today. Anything we can do to give Canadians a sense of the breadth, perspective and nature of the country, the better.
The Right Honourable Stephen Harper, 22nd Prime Minister of Canada and Honorary RCGS Fellow

The Society is also active in building and supporting geographic education throughout the country with its educational program, Can Geo Education.

As one of the largest programs of its kind in Canada, Can Geo Education provides free geographic educational resources to more than 27,000 member educators coast-to-coast-to-coast.

Inspiring the desire to learn, and facilitating the transfer of knowledge through formal and informal education, Canadian Geographic Education (the country’s largest educational non-profit) creates its acclaimed bilingual grade-school curriculum and student programs for its network of 25,000-plus K-12 teachers, as well as parents and students.

Can Geo Education communicates with learners in every province and territory, providing easy access to resources that are topical, authoritative and consonant with curricular needs, ensuring that students receive essential lessons about their country, their communities and the very ground on which they stand.

The Royal Canadian Geographical Society is a non-profit organization, funded primarily by generous donations. The Board of Governors and its program committees are comprised entirely of volunteers.